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Organised Garage

Garages are great places to store items that can't be stored anywhere else, but if yours is looking more like a dumping ground, we offer some helpful tips for getting the space organised.


If parking your car has become an exercise in squeezing into a tight space, or where there's no room for an essential workshop, the first step in getting your garage organised is to clear out the clutter. Once you've done that, some of the practical ideas shown here will help you sort out what's left to create an organised space. Who knows, once you've cleaned out you may even find room for that much needed workshop, or a place for a laundry room!

In the absence of a garden shed, garages end up as a place to dump garden tools and accessories. An easy way to organise and store these is to create a storage, or hanging rack, where they can be placed. A reclaimed pallet is a very easy way to make a storage rack for all your garden tools - no effort required.

The next space-hogging item you will usually find squashed into the garage is bicycles and recreational gear - including anything from boats to skateboards. Again, it's easy to organise practical storage if the space is cleaned out and you can fit shelves and racks. Use hooks and nylon dog collars to suspend bicycles from a securely mounted wall shelf - brilliant!

All types of sports gear, including that huge collection of fishing rods, can be neatly stored out of the way and easy to find when needed. PVC pipe is a practical storage option for all types of items, and you can buy PVC pipe at your local Builders and cut to size with a hacksaw.

Bins and buckets are an easy way to store smaller items, but what do you do with all the bins and buckets? That's easy... build shelving along a wall, or use any available space up high to store items that are not in regular use. In most garages with a high ceiling, the space above a garage door is valuable room that can be put to good use. 

Extension cords for lawnmower, weed eaters and the like can quickly become tangled and damaged. A nifty way to store all your extension cords is to simply make a hanger where they can be hung when not in use. 

In a garage that also serves as essential storage for household items, you'll want to arrange a space that is organised and clean. Industrial shelving solves the problem, and keeps all your items within reach and easily accessible.

To corral clutter, shop for basket, bins and buckets at your local discount store. You can usually find assorted sizes in all shapes and colours.

With the garage cleaned out and partially organised, you may even find that you now have space to set up a small workshop for your DIY projects. If you need a place to practice your skills, use pegboards and shelves to store your tools and accessories.


If you prefer to keep your tools and bits and bobs out of sight, it's easy to knock up a small wall cabinet with doors that can be fully opened when you need access to tools and such.

Set aside a weekend where the entire family, and perhaps your friends, can all get together and help clean out and organise your garage. The majority of storage ideas shown here are easy to implement and won't cost much, so you have no excuse for that perfectly organised garage.


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