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Make your own concrete stepping stones

Making your own stepping stones is a quick and easy project. It takes 48 hours to make one stepping stone, but if you have access to the materials needed, you can make up more than one at a time. 


 If you can't find a decorative rubber mat to add a fun design to the top of your stepping stones, substitute with mosaic, pebbles, or even thick, rubbery leaves.


20kg bag of cement

Cardboard tube or somethine to use as a form

Rubber doormat with a fun design - see more ideas below

Spray 'n cook

Scrap board covered with plastic wrap or tin foil

Bucket or large bowl and trowel for mixing the cement






Car mats, door mats, grilles, or any decorative material can be used to add detail to your stepping stones.

A cardboard tube is the easiest to work with to make a form for your stepping stones, but you can also use other materials; an old biscuit tin with the base removed, snap-lock cake tin ring that you are no longer using, plastic bin with the base cut away - you are sure to have something around the home that you can use to make your own stepping stones.

You don't have to make circular stepping stones, you have the option to make square or rectangular stones if that is easier for you.

Cut the decorative mat to fit your mould, or make your mould to fit the size and shape of the decorative mat.

Apply spray 'n cook liberally around the inside of the cardboard ring or form.

Place your form on a piece of board covered with plastic wrap or tin foil.

Mix up a batch of cement, using only enough water for a firm but not thick mixture and pour this into the mould. Tap the edges of the mould to release any trapped air bubbles.

Let this sit for about 45 minutes to stiffen slightly.

Spray your mat or decorative materially liberally with spray 'n cook.

Push the mat into the surface of the concrete. Don't worry about any concrete that oozes out at the bottom, press the form down and leave for 48 hours to cure.

After 48 hours you can cut away the form and remove the mat to reveal your new stepping stone. Use a craft knife or junior hacksaw to cut the cardboard mould.

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