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How to Build a Garden Shed

I'm sure that many of you would appreciate extra storage in the garden, and making a garden shed is an easy way to have storage for tools or garden equipment, or even to build an outdoor playroom, office or studio.


A garden shed is a great structure to have in your garden if you need a place to storage garden tools and equipment. You can also use a garden shed for a variety of other purposes, such as an outdoor playroom for the kids, a studio where you can do your crafts and hobbies in peace, or a place to set up a home office.



What is nice about the humble garden shed is that, you can start with a basic structure and then add on all the extra elements you want to incorporate into the shed design. For example, once you have a plan for the basic shed that you want to build, you can then incorporate windows, perhaps a skylight, add shelving, or even do some interior modifications to insulate the shed so that you can use it all year round. 

For many people, the idea of building a shed can be a bit daunting. You like the idea but would not know where to start. While browsing the Internet for ideas, I came across a great website that offers comprehensive videos for building a basic garden shed, as well as step-by-step instructions and material lists.



The plans are not in metric, but here is a link that you can use to convert Imperial measurements quickly and easily and this is a program that I use all the time.

ICreatables have a wide selection of shed plans, from a basic storage shed to a full-on shed that can serve a variety of purposes.

While the plans aren't free, they are affordably priced and I like the fact that you can browse through so many shed designs to find the one that best fits in with your own requirements. I also love that they have a selection of videos that go through the process of building a shed and better understanding what is involved. I have included a video below that goes through the process of building a basic garden shed.




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