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An Affordable Solution for a Patio, Path or Walkway

For those planning some improvements in the garden, these paving moulds will provide an easy and affordable solution





I think it's great when local entrepreneurs take the chance on importing items that are popular overseas and that we can make good use of them here. We miss out on so many opportunities for inventive and ingenious product designs that save us time and money, so hats off to anyone who takes the risk to bring these products to our local markets. Paving moulds are a good example of this. I am sure many of you have seen how a simple paving mould can change your life when it comes to concrete work outdoors.









Whether you are laying a path or walkway or a floor for a patio or entertainment area, the process is the same.





Locally Available Paving Moulds

Not only are paving moulds now available in South Africa but using paving moulds to create paths and walkways through the garden will eliminate the mushy soil-ridden mess that normally comes hand-in-hand with rainy weather. There's nothing nice about wanting to take a walk around the garden and having to only walk in certain spots to avoid muddy areas. Putting down a path or walkway is the perfect solution, but have you seen the price of paving blocks or concrete slabs which, let's be honest, are not very attractive.







To lay your own paths or walkways, all you need is a paving mould - or two - and cement, sand and stone for a durable and long-lasting project.






How Do You Make a Path using Paving Moulds?

When laying a path or walkway in the garden, you want an installation that is hard-wearing and long-lasting. Concrete is the perfect material to achieve this, and you can also bring an interesting feature to the garden by using a paving mould. Keep in mind that few supplies or materials are needed to lay a path or walkway and you can complete the project over a couple of weekends.


As a DIY project, the only hard work involved in preparation for laying the paving moulds is to:


1. Clear the area

Remove any grass from the area where the path or walkway will be installed. Remove the grass using a spade and cut into manageable pieces so that these can be stored for later use once the path or walkway is finished.



2. Level the area

Use a rake to remove any loose stones in the soil and level out the area. You don't want any dips in the ground where the path will be laid, as these will fill up with water.





3. Prepare the cement mix

A strong cement mix is necessary for a long-lasting design, and 1 part cement to 2 parts sharp sand and 4 parts pea gravel is the best mix for a path and it should be dry and not wet. The pea gravel adds strength and won't show on the finished path, but you can sprinkle additional pea gravel over the cement mix once laid if you want an interesting design on the surface. You can also use pigments if you want to add colour to the cement mix. Check out what is available at your local Builders store.



GOOD TO KNOW: Only prepare small batches of cement mix - just enough to finish about 4 to 5 moulds. If the weather is hot, you don't want the cement mix to dry out.







Adding colour pigment to the cement mix lets you bring a muted dash of interesting colour to a patio or path.





4. Lay the paving mould

Have the cement mix and paving mould close at hand while you work. Place the mould on the flat ground and then use a spade or shovel to fill up the paving mould. Use a straightedge to go over the top and remove any excess cement mix.

After filling, tap the mould with a rubber mallet to release any trapped air bubbles and then lift and remove the paving mould to move on to the next step. Repeat this process until the installation is complete.





5. Cure the cement

Taking into consideration our hot climate, you want the cement to cure slowly and not dry out too fast. When the temperature is warm or hot, spray the surface lightly with water to slow down the curing process. It also helps to cover the installation with plastic sheeting.



Use paving moulds to install garden paths or meandering walkways or as a floor for a patio or entertainment area.



The Paving Moulds shown here cost R180.00 each and are available via Wapp Vanessa





You can use paving moulds anywhere you need to install a paved area or walkway.






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