Seal gaps around wooden windows and doors

Gaps in and around window and door frames should be sealed as soon as any cracks or opening in the joints occurs. Failure to fill in these gaps will result in moisture gaining access to the wood and leading to wood rot and eventual disintegration of the wood.


If you take immediate action to apply Alcolin WoodMate as soon as damage becomes apparent, you ensure a water-resistant barrier that prevents moisture gaining access to the wood and extend the life and beauty of wooden window frames.

You will find Alcolin Woodmate on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse.

Alcolin WoodMate is a siliconised acrylic sealant that is ideal for interior and exterior wood trim that resists moisture and mould. Formulated for application onto hard or soft wood, seasoned timber, varnished or painted wood, the product is available in tints of  pine, oak, meranti, cherry, beech and imbuia.

You can also use Alcolin WoodMate for sealing around the edges of laminate floors, as well as sealing inside cabinetry and cupboards. The product forms a barrier against water and is flexible enough to be used as a non-cracking alternative to window putty.