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How to remove grout the easy way!

Renewing old grout has always involved long hours of chipping away at old, worn grout.


Simplify the job by purchasing a grout removal kit that attaches to a Dremel MultiTool. It has a high-speed carbide bit that effortlessly chews away old grout, and guides that keep you from chipping the tile edges.


Dremel MultiTool
Carbide bit
Grout attachment
Ready mixed or powdered grout
Bowl for mixing
Clean cloths
Grout float
Drop cloths or newspaper
Rubber gloves






1. Attach the Grout Removal attachment as instructed on your Dremel MultiTool.
Set the bit depth to 5mm. Run the tool guides between the tiles to remove all the old grout. Clean joints with a paintbrush to dust out all remaining grout, or use a vacuum cleaner.

2. Mix and apply new grout
If you are using powdered grout, mix to a consistency of thick peanut butter. Using a grout float, push the grout diagonally across and into the empty joints.

3. Clean the tiles
Leave the grout to dry for an hour or so and then wipe off any excess grout with a damp sponge. Rinse the sponge often to clean the entire area. You may need to repeat this process. Leave the grout to dry overnight.

4. Polishing
When the film reappears, buff the entire area with a dry cloth.

5. Sealing
Use a sprayable grout sealer to protect and prevent moisture and stains.

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