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Drill holes in porcelain tiles and glass... without chipping!

Glass and tile drill bits are the answer to drilling holes in glass and tile, but minor chips are inevitable. The new Alpen Keramo Extreme glass and tile bit is designed to drill holes in extremely hard porcelain tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9, as well as glass and ceramic tiles.


Available at your local Builders Warehouse, Alpen Keramo Extreme glass and tile bits drill through the hardest porcelain tile like a hot knife through butter. To use Alpen Keramo Extreme bits, place the bit on the area to be drilled - apply firm pressure against the tile - and start on slow to medium speed setting until the bits starts to bite into the tile and then increase speed. Do not use the bit on hammer function.


Before drilling into wall tiles use an electronic detector to check for water and electrical conduits behind the tiles.

If you have any difficulty sourcing this product, get in touch with to find your nearest stockist.


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