Mobile pegboard storage unit

Useful for storing small accessories that are used on a daily basis, this mobile pegboard storage unit is ideal for a garage, workshop or craft room. Pegboard is an inexpensive board that you can easily have cut to size and frame with PAR pine to make this mobile pegboard storage unit.



Sheet or pegboard, cut into 4 x 500 x 1500mm sections
16 lengths of 10 x 44mm PAR pine cut to1504mm lengths
16 lengths of 10 x 44mm PAR pine cut to 416mm lengths
Laminated pine shelving base 810 x 810mm
20 steel corner braces or angle brackets and 20mm screws
4 caster wheels and 16mm screws
10mm panel pins
Pattex No More Nails adhesive


Drill / Driver + assorted bits
Jigsaw and clean-cut blade
Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse and see the bottom of this page for suppliers of pegboard accessories.


1. Assemble the frame sections using No More Nails adhesive to glue together the top and side frames. Secure with clamps and leave overnight for the adhesive to set.

2. Working on a flat, level surface, place a sheet of pegboard on one frame and secure in place with panel pins.
Place a second completed frame over the top and secure in place with panel pins.

3. Use a jigsaw to cut rounded corners on the base. isn't absolutely essential but will prevent 'ouch' moments if you happen to bump into it !

4. Draw diagonal lines on the base of the board and use this as a guide for mounting the caster wheels using 16mm screws.

5. After assembling all the sections, use steel corner braces to secure the panels together at the top, middle and bottom.
Also use corner braces to secure the end corners of the panels to the base. Now you have a basic mobile storage unit where you can add hooks, brackets and shelves for organised storage in a garage or workshop, or in a craft / hobby space.

Pegboard hanging accessories: