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Maintain timber window & door frames

Wooden window frames do more than hold glass in place, they also add aesthetic appeal to both the inside and outside of a home. Like any timber product, wooden window frames require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and extend their life.


Stain and seal window and door frames

There are those that prefer to keep wooden window frames in their natural state and only stain or seal as required, and there are those who prefer to paint the timber in and around the home. In this article we look at both options: stain and seal or paint wooden window frames.

Here at Home-Dzine we always recommend the use of reliable and trusted products whenever application. Woodoc offers a range of sealers that are specifically formulated to protect and nourish wood by penetrating deep into the surface. It is this penetration that allows Woodoc sealers to bond with the wood to provide the longest possible life and protection.

Choose a Woodoc exterior sealer that offers maximum protection for your exterior timber. Woodoc 30/35 is moisture repellent, has a wax fraction that feeds the wood and combats fungal growth. It has a UV-absorber that protects the wood against the sun's rays. Woodoc 50/55 Gloss gives excellent protection against ultra-violet radiation, wind, water, pollution and salt spray damage. Ideal for marine applications.

Paint wooden window or door frames





Painting window and door frames allows you to custom colour trim to match your style and decor. Crisp white painted window and door frames blend seamlessly with white walls to create an illusion of space in a smaller space.

If you decide to paint wooden window frames, be sure to use a quality paint. As the leading brand, Plascon offer a selection of products that are ideal for interior and exterior wooden trim. Plascon Wall & All offers a superior satin sheen finish on wooden frames, while Plascon Enamel - Doors & Trim - provides a high gloss finish. Both products are suitable for interior and exterior trim. Both products are available in standard and mixable colours.

Here are a few tips on painting wooden window and door frames:

  • Invest in quality brushes if you use enamel paints. They shed less hair and apply a smooth finish.
  • For painting wooden window or door frames you will need at least two paint brushes: a small one for detailed areas and a larger one for the main surfaces. .
  • If the timber is in bad condition, fill in any gaps with wood filler or Alcolin QuikWood, sand down with 120-grit sandpaper and then smooth with 240-grit sandpaper.
  • Clean the surface before you paint. Wipe down with mineral turpentine and steel wool to remove any built up grime and then leave this to dry.
  • Use masking tape to mask off surrounding areas and glass before painting. Remove any hardware if you can, or mask off to protect.