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Build a Jungle Gym

This rustic jungle gym is simple to construct. Imagine how much the kids will love it.



Timber - Treated SA Pine or Eucalyptus (Gum)
4 xColumns A, B, C and D: 125 - 150 diameter x 3,3m
4 x Rails E, F, G and H: 100 - 125 diameter x 2,7m
2 x Stair stringers I and J: 100 - 125 diameter x 2,7m
25 x SA Pine laths: 40-50 diameter x 1,5m
22 x Decking: 76 x 38 x 3,3m
4 x Ring beam: 152 x 38 x 3,3m
1 x Floor joist: 152 x 38 x 3,3m
20kg x Galvanised wire nails, 150mm
5kg x Galvanised wire nails, 75mm
10 x 12mm threaded rod - 300mm
20 x 12mm nuts and washers
Paint or suitable wood sealer of choice






1. Setting out
a) Find a suitable piece of ground approximately 20m
b) Measure out four holes for columns A, B, C and D with centre lines 1,5m apart. Hole to be 500 x 500 mm wide and 700mm deep.
c) Compact bases for all holes.

2. Erecting columns
a) Column A in first hole, in centre, secure and put soil back and compact. Make sure that the column is plumb at all times.
b) Repeat step 1 for column B with centre lines are 1,5m apart.
c) Repeat steps 1 and 2 for columns C and D.
d) Trim ends to secure same level height.

3. Attaching rails
a) Secure rail in position as shown on plan to columns A and D. Drill holes and fasten with 300mm threaded rod and nuts. Fasten tight.
b) Repeat step 1 for rail F against columns B and C.
c) Secure rail E in position against columns A and D and under rails H and F. Secure with bolts and nuts.
d) Repeat step 3 for rail G against column D and C.

4. Positioning ring beam
a) Secure the ring beams L and N to columns A and D, and B and C respectively to height 950mm from the top of the columns, with 2 x 75mm nails per column. Make sure beams are level.
b) Repeat step 1 for beams M/O to columns A/B/ D/C. Trim ends.
c) Secure joist beam I in the centre between ring beams M and O as shown; headnail fix it with 2 x 75mm nails through beam M and O.

5. Laying decking
a) Nail decking strips with 75mm nails to ring beams and joists as shown, using one nail per joint.
b) Trim ends of decking strips to fit where necessary.

6. Install stair and stringers
a) Secure stair strings I and J to columns D and C respectively directly under ring beam O, using one bolt and nut per joint.

7. Attach laths
a) Nail fix laths, as shown on plan, on stringers I and J with 1 x 75mm nail per joint.
b) Allow for +70mm openings between laths. 8. Finishing off
a) The structure should be protected with any good quality wood coating containing a water repellent, recommended for external use.

a) Swing - a nylon rope with seat from formed materials.
b) Sliding pole - 25mm diameter. Galvanised pole through 25 diameter. Hole in rail E and other end sunk in ground.
c) Climbing net - nylon ropes tied together tied to rail G. This rustic jungle gym is simple to construct.

Imagine how much the kids will love it.


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