How to Fit a Door Knob

While we have previously covered fitting a door handle and lock to an exterior or interior door, what if you prefer to fit a door knob?


We have  previously covered fitting a door handle and lock to an exterior or interior door, and you will find various articles on this subject in our DIY Sections. But what if you prefer to fit a door knob. While the principal is basically the same, a door knob is easier to fit. Here are the instructions for fitting a door knob to any interior or exterior door.

The door and handle shown in this project can be purchased at your local Builders Warehouse. Keep an eye out for monthly specials on doors - this one only cost R300.

The door knob installation kit should come with a template that you can use to mark the locations to be drilled for the holes for mounting the door knob. You need to mark the front of the door and the side edge.

The instructions should also specify the size of hole saw to be used for drilling a hole through the door for mounting the door knob, in this case a 54mm hole saw was used. Place the bit of the hole saw over the template mark and drill a hole partially through the door, so that only the top of the drill bit is visible on the back side of the door.

After removing the hole saw from the front, place the drill bit in the hole at the back of the door and continue to drill out the hole. This method ensures you have a clean hole on both sides of the door.

Placing the tip of a 24mm spade bit on the template mark and drill out a hole in the side edge of the door, through to the hole drilled through for the knob.

You now have a hole through the door for the knob and a hole for mounting the latch/lock mechanism.  

Test fit the latch/lock mechanism to make sure that everything lines up before you secure all the pieces in place. Note that in this pick the latch/lock is facing the wrong way and it is essential that the latch/lock be mounted according to the direction that the door will open.

Below the latch/lock mechanism is mounted correctly. Position the front section of the handle through the mechanism as shown.

Now you can mount the back knob section onto the spindle and insert the screws. You will need to use a screwdriver to tighten the screws to secure the handle in place. 

We are mounting a latch into a plastered brick wall. An aluminium flat bar was mounted on the wall using wall plugs and screws. To allow for mounting the striker plate, a hole was cut out of the flat bar using a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disk and the plaster chipped out with a small chisel. The striker plate was mounted onto the flat bar. 

Note: Although not shown above, a length of 32 x 69mm PAR pine will be mounted in front of the flat frame / door to finish off this project.