Replace a 2-pin plug

By law, appliances, tools and other bought electrical items have to be fitted with a plug. What I find a nuisance is how many are fitted with a 2-pin plug. Not only do I have to run around trying to find a 2-pin adaptor but 2-pin plugs easily come out of the adaptor, or don't fit properly in the first place.


Here's how to replace a 2-pin plug with a standard 3-pin plug:

1. Cut off the 2-pin plug at the end of the cable. You can use a sharp craft knife or a pair or cutting pliers to do this - even a pair of scissors.

2. Use the same sharp knife to split down the middle of the cable, so that you cut between the two wires inside the outer protective layer. Start off with a small cut, so that you can peel away the cable to check that you are cutting down the centre.

Note: If you cut into the blue or brown wire you will need to remove the damaged section and start again.

3. Use a craft knife or wire stripper to remove 10mm from the end of the wires and twist these to ensure that there are no stray wires. When using a knife, place the wires on a cutting board and lightly score around to pull off the top section of coating.

A 3-pin plug has 3 pins but not all 3-pin plugs have the same type of pins. In this plug the small screws on top of the pins are loosened and the wire is placed between the two copper plates and the screws tightened to hold the wires securely.

4. Loosen the small screws on the top of the pins to be able to insert the end of the wires into the pins. Tighten securely and give a tug on the wire to be sure that it is not loose, in which try again.