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Seal, bond and fill in one

Keeping up with new product development, now there is a product that can be used indoors and outdoors for all your routine crack filling, sealing and bonding.


Sista Flextec FT101

Sista FlexTec F101 is a sealant consisting of special polymers that offer the properties of an adhesive and sealant, with good tack and elasticity. With Sista FT101 the end-user can do three functions at a time: sealing, bonding and filling, as it combines all the benefits of silicones, acrylics, polyurethanes etc, without the disadvantages of these products. Suitable for all traditional construction substrates (concrete, metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramic, PVC etc), the product can be used for interior and exterior applications and is available in white, grey and black. Sista FT101 has excellent elasticity, resists temperatures between -30º C to 80º C and offers excellent bonding strength.





Practical application for home maintenance

Sista Flextex FT101 is an innovative product with a wide range of applications. Use for:
◊ Sealing roof repairs and minor leaks
◊ Sealing drain pipes and gutters
◊ Filling expansion and construction joints when building
◊ Filling cracks and imperfections
◊ Mounting polystyrene mouldings

Sisa Flextec FT101 doesn't shrink or crack and is all-weather and UV resistant - making it perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. And the good news is that, once dry, you can sand the product and paint over with most paints for a perfectly smooth finish. Use around windows and doors for weatherproofing or gap filling. Unlike silicone, FT101 can be painted and wont' crack in the sun.

Use Sista Flextec FT101 for light bonding applications such as: mounting polystyrene cornice, dadoes and architectural elements, small mirror tiles, hobby and craft projects.

DIY Tips:
Seal the end of the applicator when not in use. You can use a toothpick, a nail or a piece of Prestik. Sand once dry with 180-grit sandpaper for an ultra-smooth surface before painting. Where bonding surfaces together, use clamps to hold in position for a minimum of 15 minutes.