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The RIGHT way to connect wires

Most electrical problems - some of which can be extremely dangerous - can be prevented with a properly applied wire connector. In most cases, a connector is nothing more than a plastic cap with a spring inside. When you twist this over two or more conductors, you make a neat and electrically insulated splice. It's easy!


Start Tight - Stay Right
Resistance to current causes heat, and heat causes electrical conductors to expand. When the current is switched off, the wires cool and contract. The process can loosen an improperly made connection, and lead to electrical failure or even spark a fire. The first step in preventing this is to use a connector.






1. To apply a wire connector, first check that the circuit power is off.

2. Hold the wires firmly together with the stripped ends parallel. Press the connector over the wires. There should be no exposed conductor.

3. Twist the connector clockwise and stop when the splice is tight. Test your work by tugging each wire while holding the connector. If a wire slips out, start over.

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