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Install new ceiling lights

I might be great at DIY, but take a look at my own home and you would find it hard to believe. Spending so much time creating, making and fixing for magazines and books, there's very little time to fix up my own home.... ag shame!


Some rooms in my home have light fittings that were installed when the house was built - way back when. I thought it was about time I took my own advice - and installed more modern lighting from Stylish Direct!

Before you start SWITCH OFF the power at the main switch on the distribution board. Switch the light on to check that the power is indeed switch off. The old light fitting was pried away from the ceiling. I had to use a craft knife around the top of the frame to remove some of the built up layers of paint!

Before removing the wiring it is important to note how the electrical wires are connected to the existing fitting. In this case a BLACK wire was neutral and a WHITE wire was live. Depending on the wires used, it can sometimes be a bit tricky trying to work out what is what without the right electrical testing tools. So take note of how the wires are currently fastened.





Ensure all the wires are tucked back neatly before fitting the light holder in place. Gently fold any remaining excess wire up into the holder.

In this light fitting [left] the fitting has blown and the entire light now needs to be replaced. If your lights are older than 10 years then it is time to replace them for more modern fittings - before an accident happens.