What do I do if my Roof Needs Repairs or Painting

When a roof needs repairs or is looking unsightly, it is best to get this attended to as soon as possible, whether you do-it-yourself of hire a contractor to do it for you (at a cost).






Roof Repairs

Maintaining a roof in tip-top condition is an important item on the annual 'To Do' list and one that should not be overlooked unless you want to have to pay for expensive repairs at a later date. I cannot stress enough the importance of at least an annual inspection of a roof, but quarterly would be even better - in line with the change of seasons. After all, it only takes an hour of your time to inspect a roof and, if you are unable to do-it-yourself, have someone come out to do it for you, either a handyman or roofing contractor.




If you have a reputable roof contractor take a look at the roof, they will be able to assess any immediate damage and also see any suspect areas that may fail in the not-too-far future.





Roof Painting

Anyone who has a tiled roof, particularly a cement tiled roof, will know that these roof tiles have a long life of up to 40 years. Unfortunately, any flashing and the method used for fastening tiles and roof ridges or caps do not have the same life expectancy. The roof tiles themselves may still be in excellent condition but taking a daily beating from wind and rain eventually means that cement roof tiles will fade and lose their colour.









Combine Roof Repairs and Roof Painting

If you know that the roof has areas that need immediate attention it will save you time and money to have the roof painted at the same time and it also makes sense to have a reputable roofing contractor that has an excellent service record do it for you for the following reasons:

  • It Brings the Cost Down

  • If you have to call out contractors twice; once for repairs and then for painting, you will paint double for the services if you consider that equipment hire, travel expenses, etc, are factored into their quotation.
  • The Convenience of Completing Both Tasks

  • Having repairs done at the same time as having the roof tiles painted is less of an inconvenience to you and gets both jobs done at the same time.
  • No Need to Hire Equipment

  • Working on the roof is no easy task and comes with risk. Having a roofing contractor do it all for you means that they bring their own equipment and tools to complete both jobs.
  • Expert Assessment

  • A reputable roofing expert will be able to identify problem areas and ensure these are fixed before any painting takes place. This works in your favour as you might not pick up problems that are okay now but could cause problems in the future. Too often, homeowners take on jobs on a do-it-yourself basis, without sufficient know-how and this could end up with even more problems if the job is not done properly.







Final Word

If the roof is old and you are uncertain about its condition or you suspect there may be areas that require repair, make arrangements to have professional roofing contractors come out to assess and offer their quotation. DO ask beforehand if it is a free - no obligation - quotation and DO have at least 3 contractor quotations so that you can compare their assessments and pricing. DO check references from previous clients.




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