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Essential Tips For Caring For Wood Furniture

We look at natural waxes and oils that are available for the care and maintenance of wood furniture and kitchen accessories.



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Wood is a beautiful material to have in the home, whether it is a restored and loved piece of furniture or a butcher block countertop or chopping block. Wood fills a home with texture and warmth but it does need regular care and maintenance for longevity and to maintain its natural beauty.

The Howard range of wood finishes and products are probably one of the most eco-friendly you can use for any type of wood and the company that manufactures this range dedicate their legacy to offering a range that is harm-free.







With regular application, wood stays nourished and protected and your countertops or chopping blocks will not be as easily damaged by knives or sharp tools.


Howard Butcher Block Conditioner and Oil

With ingredients such as beeswax and carnauba, you can use Howard Butcher Block Conditioner or Oil for the regular maintenance of butcher block countertops and chopping boards. While wood has inherent antibacterial properties, the application of a conditioner or oil brings out the life of wood, plumping up wood cells to give it that deep, rich colour that we all love about wood.

Tasteless and odourless, the Howard Butcher Block range is simple to apply on a regular basis as and when the wood goes dull and is absorbed deeply into the cells of the wood to provide a protective finish essential for everyday use. The non-toxic formula means it is safe to use in the kitchen.







Howard Feed-N-Wax with Orange Oil

Ideal for application on raw wood or to protect your wood furniture, Howard Feed-n-Wax nourishes and protects wood surfaces and leaves behind a fresh orange scent. The combination of beeswax and orange oil give wood furniture a satin lustre while bringing out the natural beauty of wood. When applied to raw wood, Feed-n-Wax prevents fading or cracking and provides longevity to raw wood projects.


Keep all your wooden furniture, fittings and accessories looking good while deeply nourishing the wood.


Howard Orange Oil Spray

Freshen your home and your wood furniture with Howard Orange Oil to clean and maintain wood finishes while you clean your home. The citrus fragrance refreshes as it helps prevent fading and bleaching of wood surfaces while removing dust and dirt to nourish the wood and bring out the colour and grain.


Howard Restor-A-Finish Penetrating Oil

For wood furniture that has been damaged, perhaps with watermarks or heat rings, or even small scratches and blemishes on the surface, Howard Restor-A-Finish can be applied to bring finishes back to their original condition, even if they have been lacquered or varnished. Restor-A-Finish is available in a variety of wood colours so that you can match the finish on your furniture.





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