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Winter Roof Repair Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips that every homeowner should do to ensure their roof is in excellent condition all year round.




The roof is the most important part of a house, but when it comes to maintenance, it usually gets forgotten because it's usually not on the line of sight for many. Unfortunately, most people attend to roof repair and maintenance when the situation is already dire. To prevent stressful problems, it is imperative to ensure your roof is on the maintenance list from the onset, particularly if it has been recently replaced. That being said, here are few tips from an Austin roofing contractor that every homeowner should do to ensure their roof is in excellent condition all year round.


1. Clear the Gutters

An effective drainage system is vital if you want your roof to last. Good drainage can help prevent the formation of damps, water leaks and also keeps the water flowing freely when snow and ice start to melt. It is especially important to keep a close eye on the gutters and drainage system during autumn as falling leaves are notorious for blocking drains, ultimately, distracting the ideal flow of water.

If your gutters are starting to clog up due to debris accumulation, a professional roofer can help with the issue. Our team is made up of experts with experience in gutter cleaning, making sure your roofing system functions optimally and you do not have to deal with issues such as moss, waste and grime build-up. Get in touch with us today for more information.


2. Trim the Surrounding Trees

Any trees or foliage growing close and hanging near the roof should be trimmed. Branches tend to be heavily weighed down with snow which causes them to snap and subsequently damaging the roof. In addition to this, when foliage comes into contact with the roof, it causes friction which has the potential to loosen titles or wear out shingles prematurely. This will lead to unexpected costly repairs.

So, if trees near your property look unstable or are likely to fall down, it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Ensure you hire a professional tree service to chop them down in a safe manner and ensure they are disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.


3. Repair Flashing

It is also important to check the flashing when conducting your regular roof inspections. If you notice it has become loose or warped, then you should have it repaired or replaced by a roofing professional as soon as possible. That's because when left unattended, damaged flashing can result in excess moisture buildup, which will seep into your ceiling and cause extensive damage including leaks. As such, damages should be attended to before the unforgiving cold season kicks off. Our team of roofing experts provides unparalleled roofing and flashing services to all our clients.


Hire a Roofing Professional for Annual Inspection

Although you can do roofing inspection on your own, it's usually better to have a professional do the job. That is because professionals know what to look for and can accurately identify any faults ahead of time, avoiding major repairs or replacements down the line. Also, hiring a professional ensures your own safety as you will not have to climb any ladders to check for missing shingles or clogging on the gutters. Also, with a professional, you will not be tempted to conduct any repairs on your own.

And there you have it, tips to ensure your roof is ready for the cold weather.






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