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The Dangers Of Neglecting A Damaged Roof

In this article, we will look into detail about what the negative effects of overlooking a damaged roof could be.



Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many homeowners neglect and put off repairs to their roofing system because they do not have the money, time, effort, or belief that the longer they are putting it off the more money they will save. However, delaying a repair to the roof has both long term and short term effects that many owners do not think are serious. This leads to spending a lot more money down the line when the problems magnify and get bigger. In this article, we will look into detail about what these negative effects could be as a result of neglect.


Short-Term Effects of Neglected Roofs



Your roof is very likely to start leaking for many different reasons. These include damage from animals, damage from a wind storm, damage from heavy snow load, mold, inferior materials and construction used or simply due to the age of the roof. According to experts from this helpful URL, if leaks are not properly taken care of they can quickly escalate from small to very large if neglected. They can not only damage your roof but also cause major property damage within the home resulting in a lot of money spent to fix subsequent repairs. A timely reaction is required to repair leaks so that they do not snowball into more expensive repairs.

Increased Energy Bills

A telltale sign of a roof that has cavities or holes in it is high energy bills from heating and cooling your house depending on the time of the year. The same holes that let in water can also allow for cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter to escape from your home and thus resulting in your heating or cooling systems to work more and in turn costing you more money. The good news is that once you have a leak, these holes could be repaired at the same time. In fact, you could also ask for your roof to be vapor proof from water and insulated to keep all your costs down.


Clogged gutters, wet insulation, or wet roofs, in general, can cause mold which is very dangerous for the occupants of the home. The issue with mold is that it can become a very big problem and be very expensive to take care of once it has set in. So it is important to regularly check and clean your gutters on the roof and ensure that no insulation is exposed to the outside elements. A proper inspection for mold can go a long way to take care of it quickly.

Animals and Pests

Pests and animal infestation is also a huge problem for a lot of homes that have been neglected. The reason for this is that once the holes of your roof are large enough, pests, rodents, and raccoons can enter the inside of your roof and multiply. These pests and animals are not just a health hazard for the occupants, but they can cause further significant damage to the wood of your roof by chipping it away slowly. This could be a big problem if you do not inspect your roof regularly and call for an expert to help you get rid of the pests and fix the holes in your roof.


Long-Term Effects of Neglected Roofs


Severe Water Damage

The leaks that were once slowly dripping and you ignored can now cause destruction to insulation and severe damages to other structural elements within your house. The worst-case scenario is the roof could end up collapsing in the winter from large amounts of water that enter your home and freeze causing more weight to be held by the roof. Mold could also increase exponentially causing ceilings to sag and health hazards such as headaches, asthma, and other breathing problems. You certainly do not want to get water damage to your walls, kitchen cabinets, and floors. This would end up costing a lot more money than what you save by delaying a proper roof inspection and subsequent repair.

Decreased Property Value and Increased Repair Costs

A decreased property value when it comes time to sell is obvious if your home has major roof damage. We have talked throughout this article about how neglecting small things could lead to very expensive repair not just to your roof but everything else in your home. A potential buyer would do an inspection as a requirement to buy your home and if they find major damages to the roof, they can ask for a large decrease in price and worst-case walk away from a deal because they do not want to deal with the large risk of having to repair a neglected roof. Additionally, the more damage there is present the greater the repair costs are, especially when a problem has been ongoing. What was once a simple repair may become a very extensive one with time.

Homeowners need to understand how important it is to maintain their roofs and avoid neglect. A simple periodic inspection once a year by the homeowner or an expert will lead to identifying the weak areas of the roof and quickly repairing them before major problems arise and cause a further devaluation of your property.




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