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Finally... A Universal Wall Plug that can be used for Any Type of Substrate... Rawlplug UNO

Up until now, you have needed different plugs when mounting to solid or hollow materials, but now you can use the Rawlplug UNO Universal Plug.




Rawlplug introduces a truly universal NYLON plug, one that fixes to solid or hollow materials, making it even easier for the home DIY enthusiast who wants to hang, decorate or improve their home.



When you need to attach something to the back of a hollow-core door, or hang a plant or two from the ceiling, or mount onto a drywall or partition wall. You never seem to find plugs that work. They either break off at the back because they don't pop open properly or whatever you hang pulls out the wall plug. I know from experience, that hanging anything onto a hollow-core door can be trial and error, and mostly error, but when you want to save on space and use the back of the door for storage, especially in a bathroom or kitchen, you want a plug that safely holds whatever you are mounting. Now you can with the UNO Universal Plug.









Here are just a few of the technical details for when using the UNO plug:

Lip around the top of the plug prevents movement if you accidentally drill the hole too large

With a reduced length, you can use the UNO plug when mounting to thinner walls or plasterboard ceilings

Its unique design, with a split down both sides ensures stable, secure anchoring

The UNO plug is designed specifically for all types of substrates both hollow or solid

UNO has an anti-rotation feature that prevents any spinning inside the hole when you introduce a screw

Unique NYLON design manufactured to the highest quality







The UNO colour-coded system makes it easy for anyone to easily and quickly identify the size of plug they need for a project.


The unique design specifications of the UNO Universal Plug means that you can use this for mounting on all types of materials... guaranteed, and that includes ceiling plasterboard or gypsum board or drywall partitioning.


Use the UNO plug for mounting lighting into gypsum or plasterboard ceilings, or hollow concrete slabs, as well as any other ceiling-mounted fittings.

The UNO universal plug is ideal for mounting wall cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, or TV brackets in your lounge or living room, or bathroom and kitchen fittings. You can even use the UNO to mount shelves on all types of walls.








1. Drill a hole in the material using the proper sized drill bit determined by the size of the plug.

2. Place the plug into the hole and bed firmly - you can tap with a hammer if necessary.

3. Insert your screw and tighten. It's as easy as that! And with the UNO plug, you can use any type of screw as long as it is the correct diameter as the wall plug.






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