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Quick Tip: Protect slasto or slate tiles

If left unsealed, slasto and slate tiles will start to flake and delaminate. Applying a sealer reduces the risk of this happening.


Slasto and slate tiles are flaky in their natural state, when you buy them. When left untreated, the flaky layers become brittle and it's easy for chips and large flakes to break off from the surface.





To prevent delamination, or chips or flakes breaking off, apply a stone sealer to the surface. TFC have an excellent range of strippers and sealer for slate tiles, and I have used their products for many years on my slate floors. The full range of TFC products are on the shelf at Builders Warehouse.

Sealer also enhances the earthy colours of slasto and slate tiles, and you will be amazed at how much more vibrant tiles look. When sealed tiles start to appear dull, then you know it's time to strip the old sealer and apply a new coat of sealer.