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Protect Appliances and Electronics from Power Surges

Power surges are not something many of us think about, but they can damage appliances and electronic equipment unless they are protected.



When lightning is around, unplug all your valuable appliances and expensive electronic devices


Now that we are in the throes of winter and industry is slowly returning to normal after the lockdown, chances are that power outages will likely be in our future. A side effect of power outages, blackouts or brown-outs is the possibility of a power surge - a temporary increase in voltage on residential power lines that can damage appliances and electronic devices.

I am sure that many of you have experienced flickering lights, either before the power goes out but also sometimes when they try to put the power back on. While most power surges aren't enough to damage your household appliances, there is always the chance of one occurring or a situation where there are several minor power surges, as has happened to many in the past, and this can wipe out anything from your refrigerator to your television.







How to Prevent Damage by a Power Surge

The most effective method to prevent damage to appliance and electronics is to run around the house switching off all your appliances and electronic devices. But with the number of power outages we have experienced in the past year, you would spend all your time running around the house switching off plugs and then switching them back on again when the power is restored. Not exactly an ideal situation.

There are, however, several other means that can be employed to protect your home and your belongings from damage by power surges:



- Have a Power Surge Protector wired to the Main Distribution Board

There are electrical engineering companies that can install a surge protector that is wired into the main distribution board via the main breaker switch, and this prevents a power surge from entering the home electrical wiring system. The surge protector trips the switch to prevent damage or harm and is then simply reset until a power surge occurs again.







Protect household appliances with surge protectors.


- Individual Surge Protectors for Valuable Appliances and Electronics

The easiest way to protect certain appliances and electronic devices from harm is to connect them to the power outlet via a power surge protected plug adaptor. You can purchase a surge protector plug adaptor at electrical supply and hardware stores and they vary in price depending on model and capacity.




Invest in a UPS system that provides enough power to run your electronic devices in case of power outages.


- Have Sensitive Electronic Devices Powered through a UPS

It has become essential for those working from home and avid gamers to connect their sensitive electronic devices to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). If the power goes out, devices fed through a UPS are immediately powered up and protected from a power surge.

Investing in a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is your best bet for all electronics: router or modem, laptop or PC, as well as device chargers, as these will allow you to continue working during load shedding.



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