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Good To Know: Removing And Preventing Molds

This information is going to provide useful guidance on how to remove and prevent the growth of mold.


Mold is gross, and what is even worse is that it is found practically everywhere. While this might be off-putting, it is better to know than be left in the dark about how much of an issue it is, beyond just the unsightliness of it. For homeowners, this is very relevant as your house can contain a wide range of causes for mold. There is a significant number of ways for it to grow and cause problems for you and your family.

Thankfully, this information is going to provide useful guidance on how to remove and prevent the growth of mold. Prevention is recommended, but you cannot possibly stay on top of all the issues that can occur around the house, so the next best step is to act fast and remove it.

How and Where Does Mold Grow?

Mold is growth spores that are created when moisture occurs and can happen nearly anywhere. These spores can easily spread through the air and attach to surfaces all over the place, which is why it spreads so easily in and around homes. The other big question is where does mold grow? As you can see, the spores make it hard to determine exactly where, but the moisture that they need to survive is a dead giveaway. The most common places in the home are damp crawl spaces, basements, showers, bathrooms, and pools. These areas are most likely to contain higher levels of mold growth because they are wet. Likewise, areas like basements or crawl spaces have a lack of natural light, which can help the mold grow uninterrupted.

Natural Sunlight

With natural sunlight in mind, the UV rays of the sun can help kill mold which is why it is important for you to have adequate light allowed into the home. It might be hard to find ways to get sunlight into basements or crawl spaces, but even setting up lights can help diminish their ability to grow once present. You can set up lights in these places before too and allow them to keep the spores from sticking and developing mold spots before it becomes a bigger problem as well.

Fixing Pipe Leaks

Moisture is the biggest concern for mold growth, and a pipe leak creates a significant amount of water that can create a really bad mold. According to the experts at GreenWorks Environmental consider this one of the biggest causes for bad home mold, and without fixing this problem, it will only get worse. You might be able to do it on your own, which is good, but sometimes getting certified professionals to check your water pipes and repair them can be a good idea in case something goes wrong. Dripping faucets under sinks are a hidden problem, as well as unsealed toilet water lines. It is important to find these water damaged areas fast because they are the breeding grounds for these hazardous airborne spores.

Cleaning Mold Spots

When you identify where the mold spots are growing, you want to figure out how to remove them. So how do you do this? Well, one way is by scrubbing with water and cleaning solutions. You can find water and bleach mixes online, but be cautious about your skin, eyes, mouth, and nose and use the proper protective gear. This applies to clean mold out of small, cramped spaces so that you do not inhale any spores. Bathtubs, tiles, and bathroom appliances can be easily cleaning with most store-bought cleaning products. In those crawl spaces, you might have to scrape away or get the mold off through force, to which you should remove it from your home and seal it in something to prevent any more moisture or growth.

Mold Prevention

Quick mold prevention tips include keeping spaces dry, making sure you are aware of what areas of your home are susceptible to water damage and allowing light in as best you can. Sometimes ventilation can help, but because they are pores, it can be advised to seal off areas. This work is usually done professionally, but for small spaces, it is possible for homeowners to do it themselves. Lastly, dry the affected areas as often as you can.

Mold can present breathing problems for you and your family, so preventing its growth and spread in the home is important. These tips for removing and preventing mold is important for the value of your home, and the value of the health of your loved ones, and they are easy to implement as quickly as you can. Being irresponsible and insensitive in growing mold will result in a huge problem not only for the house foundation but also for your family. Preventing the first level to achieve a healthy life and a happy relationship.



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