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Oil door and gate locks with ease

Ever tried getting just a tiny amount of oil into the workings of a lock or some other confined space and given up – or put so much in that it overflowed all over the place?


Well, now you don’t have to worry – you can measure out very prices amounts of oil and get it right where you need it… without any wastage. All you need is a syringe, a thick needle [both available from your local pharmacy] and some 3-in-1 oil.






1. You can use quite thin needles for injecting oil where you need it, but ask for a thick needle if you intend injecting grease into the workings of any lock or appliance.

2. When you get the needle/s, very carefully remove it / them from their sheath and use a sander or grindstone to blunt the point – DO NOT leave the points sharp… you don’t want a needle-stick injury.

3. Fit the needle to the syringe and draw in the required amount of oil and apply where necessary.

4. If you wish to use the syringe as a precision grease gun, fit it with the thickest needle you can buy, but you will then have to remove the plunger and use a small spatula or narrow-bladed kitchen knife (old and no longer needed in the kitchen, naturally) to spoon grease into the syringe.

5. Replace the plunger, and off you go…