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5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brand New

In this article, we look at just a few ways you can give your home a refresh.


Everyone should love their home. It's where you should feel most comfortable and where you can be your most authentic self.

However, your home can start to look or feel tired without a little sprucing up. Whether you decide to go for a new paint color or something a bit bigger, there are many things you can do to give your place a new lease of life.

Here are just a few ways you can give your home a refresh.

1 - Hire a Maid Service

You can opt to deep clean your home yourself, or you can hire a maid service to do it for you. For instance, this maid service in Dallas completely vets all of their employees and offers basic cleaning services as well as full deep cleans. Look for a maid company near you that has great reviews and a trusted reputation, so you know your house is in good hands. Having someone else do the hard work for you will give you the reward of a freshly cleaned home, and you don't have to lift a finger for it!

2 - Paint Your Walls

Give your house a new color palette. Consider painting the walls inside your home, particularly the common areas like the living room or kitchen for an even bigger impact. If your walls are a drab color, consider something a little brighter. If you want white or neutrals, perhaps an accent wall would be fun for a pop of color to bring a new feeling into the home. Paint isn't terribly expensive, and it could be a fun project to work on with your family if you want to keep the costs down instead of hiring a decorator.

3 - Polish and Clean the Furniture

If you have wooden furniture, it might be time to give it a nice shine. If your furniture is upholstered, get some cleaners or shampoo to clean it up. Scrubbing your furniture will make it look brand new, and may even help it last longer. If you need to sand a piece to get it smooth before varnishing, that could help as well. Restoring your furniture will make the whole room look better.

4 - Pay Attention to the Details

Seemingly insignificant details can actually make a huge difference in how your home looks. Swapping out things like light switch covers and outlet plates with new covers, or even painting over them in a new color, can brighten up a room with little extra effort. If you aren't painting a room, consider spot-correcting the walls to go over any chipped paintwork or fill in any holes. You'll be surprised how small fixes like these can really boost the appearance of a whole room.

5 - Replace the Doors

As with painting the walls, switching out the doors in your home can make it look like a different house entirely. The front door in particular can have a dramatic effect. If your house is a neutral shade, consider a bright and colorful door for some extra personality and modernization. If you don't want to replace all of your interior doors, you could replace the knobs or paint them - they'll be unrecognizable!


You don't have to take on a huge renovation project - simply changing minor details around the house can make a home look brand new. Whether you choose to start a painting project, hire a service to do some deep cleaning, or focus on smaller details like the light switches and furniture, there are lot of things you can do to update your home without spending too much money. Try these for yourself and see the difference!



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