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When locksmithing is more than locks and keys

By listing the services that are offered by the local locksmith can help the customers understand the exact scope of duties that locksmiths can do on a daily basis.


Locksmiths offer many services than you may know. Sima's Locksmith Brooklyn, NY can provide services from general locksmithing troubles to more complex things like intercom installation. Listing the services that are offered by the local locksmith can help customers understand the exact scope of duties that locksmiths can do on a daily basis. Services from break-in repairs, automatic door servicing, intercom installations, window gates and even mobile home lock services.

Door locks and their security

When it comes to locking installations such as you may think about the basic door knob with a little twist lock in the middle of the handle. While these locks and require a key to get in they are one of the worst for security. These types can be picked easily and even snapped with a small amount of force. Old locks and cheap nasties are easy to break into and become rusty fast. If this sounds like your locks it would benefit your home security to upgrade to a more advanced level of security. New lock installation will help to keep your home secure at all times. Sima's Locksmith is available for you anytime!

Business security options

In business situations, you may have had a manager leave or an employee was fired. If this happened at your business, it would be a good option to get your local Sima's Locksmith expert to perform new lock installation or a re-keying service to ensure past employees cannot have access to the building or anything inside it.

Door lock hardware

Sima's Locksmith Brooklyn, NY has comprehensive options for your door security for both internal and external doors if you have exit and entrance issues whether it be for business, residential and car door issues. Got a different door type that is all metal or a heavy vault-like door and not sure what security is available that can be added to that door? Sima's Locksmith Brooklyn,NY can give you a few options as to what will work with your type of door.

Do you know all the options when it comes to padlocks?

What type of padlock you use will determine what it is being used for. With so many options to choose from it can be a good idea to consult with Brooklyn, NY Sima's Locksmith techs to ensure you are getting the right padlock to do the job. Most locksmiths will have padlocks in stock so you should be able to obtain them the same day. The locksmith will ensure your padlock and key is all working and ready to secure whatever you please.

Transponder keys for your car

Is there only one key to your car. It can be costly when you visit your car brands and ask for a spare one to keep somewhere at home. Your local Sima's Locksmith Brooklyn, NY technician can get you transponder keys copied for over half the price cheaper. The keys are the same quality you are merely just paying for the brand label that comes with it. Instead of paying for a car lockout service when you have lost your keys you can get a duplicate key cut for a small fee that you can keep at home or with a friend in case the time comes when you need it.

Sima's Locksmith Brooklyn, NY can even fix a door closer

That is right Sima's Locksmith can fix and replace door closers too. The technicians have plenty of experience installing door closers and have plenty sitting in their van waiting for the job when they need them. Door closers are easy to install and are a vital part of your business and residential security. With Sima's Locksmith extensive inventory and great response time consult with an expert today with same day repair or replace guarantee.

Locksmith services

Sima's Locksmith Brooklyn, NY provide services such as re-keying and conducting your home keys copied all the way to getting your safe unlocked and offering 24/7 service. Put your feet up and enjoy the services of your local locksmith who will attend your location as soon as they receive the radio-dispatched call. No more mucking around and putting that security system installation off with same day services and minor disruption when your lock or key is being installed why wouldn’t you take up their offer and protect what you own.

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