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Roof Home Improvement Tips On Making Your Roof Look Amazing Again

To save you from dealing with damaged interiors, you need to maintain your roof.


The roof protects your entire house. It’s an essential part of your home, but it’s also one that you can easily overlook. To save you from dealing with damaged interiors, you need to maintain your roof. Aside from protection, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your entire house. Here are some tips on how you can make your roof look amazing again:

Wash It

Over time, dirt and bacteria can accumulate on your roof. Growth like algae and moss will soon be visible. Those are not just unsightly, but they can also bring damage to your roof if you don’t remove them. Sweeping them off may not be enough because the bacteria could still be there and it will grow again rapidly. You need to kill the bacteria to protect the shingles.

Soft washing La Crosse companies have a cleaning system that kills fungus and bacteria. It’s a long-lasting solution that will save you money over time. It means you won’t have to deal with frequently recurring moss or algae on your roof.

Remove Debris

Since the roof is the topmost part of your house, it’s the part that catches the most debris. Snow and leaves are just some of the things that a homeowner will find on their roof. Those can cause damage, which may result in broken shingles and unsightly gaps.

Even if your roof has a downward slope, there’s still a chance that debris may accumulate or pile up. Here’s how snow and leaves may cause damages:

● Leaves - If your property has towering trees with hanging branches over your roof, then the leaves will fall directly on to it. Since leaves are organic materials, they will eventually decompose. The roof will trap moisture and be a suitable environment for weeds, bacteria, and fungus to grow.

● Snow - Snow is wet, so when it stays on your roof, moisture may seep into the shingles and through the attic, which can damage the drywall in your house. It’s best not to let snow accumulate thickly on your roof. Remember not to forcibly remove frozen snow from your roof because it can break off the shingles.

Clean the Gutters

When you remove the debris from the roof, make sure to clean out the gutters, too. Clogged gutters can trap the water from rainfall and make the flow go upward, and as you may already guess, moisture can damage roof shingles. It may leak into the spaces and cause rotting.

Fix Shingles

Broken or missing shingles is not a great sight to see when you look at your roof. It may also be a cause for embarrassment since it’s an exterior part, so your neighbors and strangers who pass by can see it. Dirty or damaged roofs can decrease the value of your home, too.

But more than just for aesthetic purposes, damaged roofs can cause expensive repairs if you don’t fix them immediately. You won’t only be paying for roof repair but also for damages caused on the interior because the roof failed to protect your home.

Look for broken shingles and listen for creaking because it can mean damage. If you’re in the middle of the storm and if there are any scurrying sounds, it could mean that some shingles became loose.

Repaint It

Roof color can also fade over time. It could be due to rain, snow, or sun rays, but sooner or later, it will lose its vibrancy and, therefore, decreasing its aesthetic appeal as well. If you want to maintain the beauty of your roof, you can choose to paint them.

But, of course, you should only repaint the roof after you clean it thoroughly. Do not paint it while there are still leaves, weeds, moss, or bacteria growing on it. It won’t improve the look because it won’t result in a clean finish. Plus, the growth will be able to reappear again quickly.

Cut Overhanging Branches

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. To ensure that your roof looks great for a longer period with less effort, you should consider cutting the overhanging branches from the trees, if you have any.

Cutting the branches prevents the fallen leaves from accumulating on your roof and prevent branches from causing abrasion. Also, tree-dwelling and climbing animals such as squirrels won’t have access to your roof, which means they won’t be able to gnaw on it.

Final Thoughts

The roof is one of the essential parts of the house. Without it, your home will not be complete. It’s functional, and it also adds to the overall beauty of your home. You need to maintain it regularly, so your house keeps its aesthetic appeal. You and your family will also have protection over your heads.



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