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It’s All Over My Head: What to Know About Finding a Good Roofing Contractor

If you need to find a contractor, you’ll want to keep in mind the following tips.




Do-it-yourself projects can be an exciting prospect for homeowners, but some projects are better to leave to the experts. One such task is installing a new roof.

Upgrades to this structure are some of the most critical, and expensive projects a homeowner can face. If you do it incorrectly, you could end up without a roof over your head — or at the very least a shaky, leaky roof.

Roofing is a project for which you’ll want to hire a contractor. More importantly, you want an experienced and insured roofer. After all, you do not want to shell out big bucks only to re-hire another company to fix the first one’s mistakes. To find a contractor, you’ll want to consider following these tips.


Do I Need a Roofer?

First off, ask yourself why you need roofing assistance. You may need help with your roof for the following reasons:

    • Repair

    • Replacement or installation

    • Inspection and maintenance

Different roofing companies may have experience with one type of work but not another. You’ll want to know what kind of assistance you need, so you find a contractor experienced in that project area.


Check Reputations

As you look into companies or independent contractors, make sure to ask about their reputation. Do not depend on the reviews the company lists on their site. They will have selected the best feedback to help garner business.

Instead, ask local homeowners who they have used and how their experience was. Check third-party services for unfiltered reviews and use this to help narrow your search.

You can also ask the company for references to past clients and touch base with them.


Shop Around

When investing in something as significant as your roof, take the time to talk to several contractors. You can compare bids and project timelines to find what works for you.

Keep in mind price is just one component of the contractor hiring process. You do not want to base your decision on saving only a few hundred dollars if the project integrity will not be the same.


Check Credentials

Contractors have to be licensed and insured. The minimum requirements to obtain these may vary based on where you are, but you should still make sure your contractor meets these minimums.

This due diligence will protect you later on if the contractor ends up injured on the job. Their insurance should cover the mishap – not you.


Read the Fine Print

Before committing, you will have to sign a contract. Take the time to understand what you are signing and the terms.
Your roof will come with a warranty as well. This assurance is essential in case you need assistance in an emergency. Craft and materials should have a guarantee for five years, if not longer.


Timing Matters

As you lay out the timeline for the project, consider the timing of it. You should avoid starting a project in snowy or rainy seasons as this will stretch out the undertaking.

Icy or wet roofs also present a safety hazard for contractors. A professional will help you determine when is the best time to start working.


Understand the Commitment

Hiring a roofing contractor is committing for the years to come. Most roofs last decades, if not longer. You are hiring a person to put a roof over your head and should take your time finding the right match. Ask a lot of questions. How many years have they been in business? What experience do they have with the roofing material you want? Do they work more with residential or commercial projects? Understanding the size of your commitment now will save you headaches later.



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