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Why exterior cleaning to your home is important for its curb appeal, design, and resale value

Below are just some of the reasons why cleaning your home is important in improving its curb appeal:


Your home’s design may be the most attractive in the block, but if it’s full of grime and dirt, it just loses its beauty. The curb appeal of your home will be lost if it’s unkempt.

Houses get dirty during rainy seasons where mud and dirt cling to the surfaces of the walls. Extremely hot weather is also a problem since dust will cling to the porous materials of your home, giving it a chalky look.

Regularly cleaning your house will add to its curb appeal, and it’s especially important to clean your house if you’re putting it up for sale. The exterior of the home is the first thing that people see, so make potential buyers feel a sense of pride that your home is going to be their next living space.

The following are just some of the reasons why cleaning your home is important in improving its curb appeal:

1. Extends The Lifespan of Materials

You should have your home power washed by a reputable company, such as South Austin Pressure Washing, at least once a year since it’s a good preventive method that can extend the lifespan of the materials of your home.

The exteriors of your home age fast because of the mold and mildew and other organisms that clings to the materials, thus eroding it. A well-cleaned exterior that has been power washed can save you a lot of money since it prevents premature aging. Power washing can help prevent the deterioration of your roof, driveway, and porch. The importance of cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your home’s materials

2. Exterior Cleaning Prevents Home Deterioration

Your home’s exterior is continually exposed to the elements, and that alone will cause it to deteriorate. Failing to clean your home’s exterior will exacerbate the challenges the materials your home has to deal with all year round. Water and heat will cause wooden materials to expand and crack. Water also causes the formation of mold and mildew, which eats away wooden surfaces and causing it to rot.

You may also notice that mold and mildew that don’t get washed off affects the paint and causes it to peel off and crack, which significantly reduces your home’s overall curb appeal. Thus, to maintain your home’s design and increase its resale value, it’s important to have it cleaned. Cleaning helps your home from becoming deteriorated and increases longevity and curb appeal.

3. Protection From Nature

If you live near a forest or have a lot of greenery and nature, chances are this will affect the exterior of your home. Leaves may fall on the rooftops and branches may poke against your home’s sidings. There’s also a possibility that there will be piles of dead leaves and driftwood that will accumulate in your yard. Thus, instead of making your home look like a tranquil abode, it’ll look like a jungle or a hovel.

Nature can easily go out of hand if you don’t put effort into trimming trees, bushes, and shrubs. It’s also important to rake away leaves that eventually decompose into dirt and mud.

Each season brings new challenges if you live near nature, and it’s important to make preparations and do the necessary cleaning to make your home look spic and span from the outside as well as the inside all year round. Cleaning increases curb appeal and increases the longevity of your home

4. Detect Structural Damages Early On

Cleaning your house requires you looking into every area of your home. This is a chance to discover your home’s exterior for any structural damage that may already be occurring. Some possible problems that you may discover are leaky roofs, termite invasions, and pest nesting areas.

To prevent your home from becoming a wreck, you can get rid of these problems promptly and get professional service if necessary. As mentioned, it’s advisable that you clean your home every twelve to eighteen months. Within that time frame, you can resolve problems without it getting serious. Cleaning helps keeps your home from being damaged increasing its value

5. Safeguards The Health of Your Family

A home exterior that’s unkempt will attract dust, dirt, algae, mold, and mildew. To be specific, dust particles are not good since they cause lung irritation and allergies. Molds and mildew are also the same and may even cause severe health problems that can extend to the body’s internal organs.

Molds and mildew can be prevented by washing since chemicals used in washing destroy it and promotes a clean surface in your exterior walls. For example, using bleach and hosing your home’s exterior walls can keep the molds away.
A home with a clean and healthy environment would be attractive to buyers since they know it will be a good place to live in, thus increasing your home’s resale value.

Final thoughts

Cleanliness is important before anything else when looking at a house. The potential of your house to have beautiful and attractive curb appeal gets lost if it is under grime and dirt. Get your house cleaned and get the right tools to do the job.

Power washing is a great help in making your home look thoroughly cleaned. You can also hire professionals to clean your home if you have no time.



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