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Expert Advice: Never DIY Electrical Work And Repairs

Experts warn not to undertake electrical works as a DIY project for many reasons, such as the following:


The DIY movement has become a rapidly growing community given the fact that it’s not just satisfying. It can also help individuals save a significant amount of money on labor costs. Besides, most home repairs require immediate attention. So, rather than waiting for a contractor, homeowners usually prefer to just have it as a DIY job. However, a DIY job is not always a great idea, especially when it comes to electrical issues at home. Experts always advise not to have electrical works as a DIY, for many reasons such as the following:

You do not know the codes and standards.

Every job that involves electrical stuff at home or in any facility has to abide by the Australian Electrical Standards and the Electrical Safety Codes of Practice that was set by the Australian government. This would mean that if you decide to have it as a DIY job, everything that you do may not be up to par. Each aspect of the entire electrical job warrants strict adherence to these codes and standards. So, to ensure that all your bolts and nuts and the way everything is installed are according to these standards, you might as well hire a professional electrician to handle the job. This could mean you have to pay a significant amount but in the end, every cent you pay for hiring a professional will all be worth it.

It will be a dangerous job.

The annual cost of damage from faulty electrical systems is $3.4 billion each year. If you insist on having it as a DIY, then you should be prepared to pay for the consequences. This is because a DIY electrical job increases your risk of causing a fire. Add in the fact that you can also get yourself electrocuted which can be fatal if not cause serious injury. Unfortunately, if the investigation reveals that it is caused by what you’ve done to your electrical wirings, your home insurance will be rendered invalid. Besides, the insurance company will also mark you under a high-risk category, resulting in a hefty bill.

You are not familiar with hidden electrical dangers.

Another valid reason why it is best to hire an electrician is the fact that you may not be completely aware of all the hidden electrical dangers that could be lurking somewhere in your electrical wires. Most of these electrical components are installed within walls and it would be too difficult for you to figure out the exact schematics. However, these hidden connections may also spell danger because any problems that it already has may not be conspicuous enough for you to be able to address it immediately. If you accidentally tamper on the wires that are connected to the junction boxes, you can have yourself suffer from electric shock.

Every electrical job not only requires knowledge about the installation process and the tools to use to complete it. It also warrants a great amount of experience to make one capable of spotting right there and then any issues that could spell danger. But, with the help of a professional electrician, these things will no longer be your concern. You just have to pay the contractors the right price rather than you having to pay for the price of a faulty DIY job.



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