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5 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Their Solutions

Here are some common air conditioner problems with their relevant solutions.


One of the major problems that people usually face during summers is their air conditioners not working properly. It may also destroy your summer breaks as well as your social gathering that takes place in your homes.

It is significantly useful to make sure that your air conditioner is professionally maintained. From cleaning, air filter changing and various inspections, maintenance is a very important factor. If not maintained properly before the summer season begins, it may cause a few problems.

With the help of our service experts, here we have concluded some common air conditioning problems with their relevant solutions.

Improper Airflow through the Vents

If the air is not coming out of the registers or vents properly then the problem is caused by blocked or dirty AC filters. Registers are the metal grates that help AC with the airflow. This problem can also occur because of the overheating of AC which means the breaker needs to be reset as it has been tripped. Often times the problem can appear because of the control board, wiring or thermostat. You may need to repair or replace your condensate pump.

Air Conditioner won't Turn On

This problem mostly occurs because of a clogged or blocked condenser. Other times it occurs when the thermostat is heated. Letting the thermostat to cool down for your air conditioner to start is the proper solution. Make sure to check your electric panel for a broken or blown fuse as well. The other two things that need to be checked are power supply wires and furnace power switch.

Air Conditioner Does Not Cool:

This is the most common problem that occurs often. There are several reasons that conclude why an air conditioner is not providing proper cooling. It may be because the compressor is defective. If the compressor is damaged the cooling cycle of AC does not begin which results in failing to give cooling to the room. To prevent this from happening, the air filter or a blocked condensate drain needs to be repaired or replaced. Along with that, checking the ice around the coils is also necessary.

Low Refrigerant:

Having low refrigerant in an air conditioner is another reason why they fail to provide cooling. It means that the refrigerants are leaked or may have been undercharged. When the refrigerant is low it will cause the liquid to flow back to copper wires that ultimately freezes the unit of ice.

Making sure to check the refrigerant level is important along with changing the filter monthly and inspecting the condensate drain weekly.

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air:

Air conditioners that blow hot air infuriate a person completely. Most likely this issue has a lot to do with the compressor or outdoor unit of the AC. A broken duct is another reason if the air conditioner is blowing warm air.

To get rid of this problem, make sure that the outside unit starts running properly. Moreover, having a good and proper amount of freon is also important or else you’ll get high electricity bills as well as hissing noise from the AC.  



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