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Choosing a crawl space encapsulation company

This article helps you choose the right crawl space encapsulation company.




You're thinking of encapsulating your crawl space, and that's a great decision. So, what do you get as a result? The air you breathe improves significantly, the energy bills reduce, and you have space that you don't struggle to enter and can use for storage.

But before you enjoy your new space, there's some work that needs to be done. You need a reliable encapsulation contractor who will have the job done correctly. There are thousands, if not millions, of contractors in the market today, and thus, choosing the appropriate one can be a challenging task.

This article helps you choose the right crawl space encapsulation company.


Look for a "jack-of-one trade" company.

As you check through the internet, you will come across many companies that sell the crawl space encapsulation service. That means they have other services they offer like concrete leveling, foundation repair, earthquake retrofitting, asbestos removal, among other services. However, what you need is a company that specializes in crawl space encapsulation.

Why crawl space services only? You know the power in specialization. A company that offers a single service continually will tend to have great experience in the same as opposed to one that provides multiple services or is a jack-of-all-trades. That means they have dealt with almost all challenges and issues during the installation, repair, and maintenance.


Check out reviews

A reputable crawl space encapsulation company likely has an online presence; it could be on social media, Google, Yelp or other local directory. Does the company have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and such? Do they have a company website or blog? Then check out for their customer feedback on those platforms and compare them to ensure consistency.

Positive reviews will tell you how good the company is, and if there are many positive ones, you know it's a great company to deal with. But beware of frauds who buy reviews to entice interested parties like you. Depending on the number of reviews, you can sample out a few and contact them to confirm the reviews' authenticity.


Check their commitment

There are crawl space encapsulation companies that will ask you to send photos of your space, the measurements and then give you a quote - steer clear of such companies. Most of these will not pay a visit because they either doubt their competencies or probably they're just cons who want to lure you into some appealing contract, and once you pay a down payment, they take off.

A genuine and reliable crawl space repair company will send their technical team to your location for a fact-finding mission and to ascertain the nature of the job, and determine what service is required before they give you a quote.
Coming to the job site to make an assessment is a show of commitment on the contractor's part.


A detailed proposal

One of the easiest ways of weeding out unqualified crawl space encapsulation companies is through their proposals. These should be detailed and spell out every service that the company will be offering. It should include the materials to be used, like the dehumidifier and such. It should consist of the timelines, and most importantly, warranties-with precise specifications.

Don't just rush to any company for crawl space encapsulation services - you could be disappointed. Take time and look for a genuine service provider who's ready to offer the best services within strict timelines and at a reasonable rate.





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