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Make Sure your Gutters are Cleaned Out

Autumn is that time of year when leaves start to fall and soon fill up gutters and it is important to clean these out regularly to ensure that the integrity of your home remains safe.


At least once a year the gutters around the roof of a property need to be cleaned out to prevent blocking. The best time to do this is at the end of Autumn once all the trees have shed their leaves. Don't leave this task too late as it could end up damaging the integrity of your property by forcing overflowing water into walls and interior spaces.

The best time to get stuck into cleaning gutters is on a calm (not windy) day when it's not too hot. You are going to need a few tools to clean gutters, so we have put together a list of what you will need and how to go about this job.








Stepladder or extendable ladder, depending on the height of your roof

Small garden trowel

Hosepipe with spray attachment

Large bucket

Gloves and goggles

Sturdy rubber-soled shoes









1. The first and most important step is to make sure that the ladder is firmly seated, both on the ground and against the side of the structure. A large percentage of ladder accidents are caused by ignoring safety guidelines when it comes down to using a ladder properly. The ladder should lean at a 75-degree angle and the easiest and simplest way to work this out is to allow the ladder to lean [1] measurement out for every [4] measurements up.

SAFETY FIRST: Don't overreach when on a ladder.

2. Pop on rubber-soled shoes when working on a ladder and don gloves and goggles for protection.

3. You can use your gloved-hands to remove loose leaves and a garden trowel to remove debris along the base of the gutters. Try to prevent pushing debris into the downspouts to avoid blockages in this area.

4. After cleaning, use a hosepipe to flush away and clean the gutters.

Inspect for Damage

While you are working to clear the gutters, check for any damage to the gutters and for leaks. A visual inspection will identify any problem areas, and leaks can be uncovered when using the hosepipe to rinse out the gutters. Also, check that gutters and downspouts are not loose.







Prevent Blockages and Keep Gutters Clean

Not everyone homeowner enjoys the regular maintenance that comes with owning a home. If you are one of those, consider an easy method for keeping gutters clear of debris. Find rubber or plastic mesh at your local Builders store and roll this up to fit into the gutter space, or use mesh gutter guard to cover gutters.. This will allow rainwater to flow freely and prevent build-up of leaves or debris.



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