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5 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing

Read on for signs you can refer to so you can save your roof from further damages.




The roof is an important part of a house because it protects both people and possessions. However, the roof is also the most exposed to elements that can weather and harm it. The time will come that your roof will need a replacement or some repairs.

Here are signs you can refer to so you can save your roof from further damages:


1. Presence Of Moss Or Algae

Although moss completes the look of a garden or forest, it may mean one thing if they're on your roof. If you see an algae or moss formation on your roof, it doesn't also mean you need a whole roof replacement. Sometimes, you need roof restorations Perth experts (if you live within the area) to clean or remove the moss.

Most algae or moss form in shaded areas, such as sections with heavy tree cover. Or, if you live in areas with a damp climate, you're most likely to see telltale signs of moss or algae formation. Moss formation only becomes a problem if you leave it unchecked. That's why if you see this formation on your roof, better check it.

Roof molds may indicate that they've eaten away or eroded your roof materials. Sometimes it might even mean you have water or moisture damage on your roof. That's why you should check your roof sections that have mold or algae formation.


2. Noticeable Sagging

While a sagging section in your roof doesn't mean an imminent danger of collapse, you might want to worry a bit. Often, a sagging section of a roof may cause other roofing problems. Over time, it may collapse.

Every roof has a specific maximum weight, but it has to sag over time. A sagging roof can be due to long periods of exposure to snow. Not only does snow cause your roof to sag, but, sometimes, design flaws can also add to it. For instance, too few rafters or collar ties, insufficient sheathing, and undersized rafters are some common flaws weighing your roof down.

Your roof should look straight and not sag. When you notice your roof sagging, it's best to fix it before you endanger your family.



3. 20-Year-Old Roof

Roofs are built to last for up to 20-30 years, depending on the material. Sometimes, insurance providers even require homeowners to replace older roofs to avoid liability or hazard, especially if you live in a place with severe weather conditions from time to time. That's why if you have a 20-year-old roof, you may want to do a roof inspection to assess if your roof requires some repairs. Repainting your old roof isn't enough when it has already aged.


4. Cracked Shingles

Another sign you need roof repair is when you see cracked shingles. Usually, cracked shingles mean that your roof's lifespan is near its end. It may also mean a more severe roofing problem.
With cracks, water can travel between shingles, and you wouldn't want that to make your roof problems worse. Water can seep under your shingles, and it'll cause your wood sheathing to rot. When you ignore these problems, you may need reroofing.

That's why before the problems get worse, you need to repair the shingles.


5. Curling Shingles

Moreover, you should also be wary when you have curling shingles. Don't just focus on the cracks because curling shingles can also cause severe roofing problems.

There are two kinds of curling, including cupping or curling on the edges, or clawing or curling shingles in the middle. When you have any of these curling shingles, it may be a sign that your roof is developing leaks. This is due to the water running back under the shingles. When left unrepaired, it can cause more severe problems.



When you see any signs mentioned above, you'll know your roof needs repair. A roof repair is essential so you can stop any roof damage from worsening. The presence of molds, as well as cracked and curling shingles may cause roof leaks. With sagging and decades-old roof, they may be signs of more severe problems, like collapsing. Fortunately, with roof repair, you can keep your home safe from such damages.




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