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Quick Project: An Easy Storage Solution For The Workshop

If your workshop is not organised, chances are there are bits and pieces lying all over the place and it's a nightmare trying to find anything. This easy storage solution will solve at least one problem.




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Make a handy storage system for screws and nails using a length of PVC pipe and scrap timber


There are plenty of ideas out there for quick and easy storage solutions for the DIY workshop, some that recycle items that you already have and others that can be purchased. I particularly like this one because I happened to have a piece of PVC pipe leftover from a project and this is a great way to make use of it.

I know that in most DIY workshops, screws and nails easily get lost in the chaos and it's not easy to find them when you need them for a project. Being able to set up a storage solution to keep everything in one place makes being organised a little easier.

All you need to make this PVC pipe storage solution is a length of PVC pipe, or more if you want to make a few of these organisers, and a couple of scrap of wood - and I have plenty of that!


Make PVC Pipe Storage for Tools


This handy storage rack lets you keep all your tools handy and ready for use









A length of 110 x 2000 metres length of PVC pipe costs around R200 at Builders, which is an inexpensive material to use for making tool holders for your workshop. And if you purchase a 2 metre length, you will be able to make all types of organisation and storage for the workshop.


If you fancy making this PVC pipe tool organiser, find the step-by-step instructions below:



Step 1

Use a clamp or tape measure to determine the width of your drills. You want to measure just under the barrel of the drill at the top of the grip. This is the part that will be slotted into the PVC pipe and hold the drill in place.







Step 2

Transfer the measurement onto a length of PVC pipe. A length of around 400mm is plenty for holding your drills and drill/drivers.


Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for all your drills. 



Step 3

Use a jigsaw to cut out the slots in the PVC pipes. Make the slot long enough to house each drill you want to store. Take the time to neaten the cut edges so that they are not rough.



Step 4

Now all that's left to do is to screw the holders underneath a shelf and store your tools for easy access. Making the storage shelf using pine or plywood is an easy project too and provides plenty of space for battery packs and battery chargers.


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