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DIY Tip: Recycle Materials for Workshop Organisation

In this feature we offer 3 great tips for recycling materials to organise your DIY workshop.


There are so many items that get tossed into the trash that could be used in other ways. In this article we look at 3 items that can be recycled and used in other ways, especially to help keep your home DIY workshop neat and organised.

1. Plastic Ice Trays

If your ice trays are scuffed, cracked or chipped, don't throw them out. Ice cube trays are great for storing a wide selection of small items that you use in your home DIY workshop on a regular basis.

Build a 9mm or 12mm plywood box with shelves that can accommodate the size of ice cube trays that you have and fill these up with screws, wall plugs, washers, and other small items that usually get left lying around.





2. PVC Pipe

PVC pipe offcuts make handy power tool holders that can easily be fastened underneath a shelf unit. All you need to do is to cut a slot in the pvc pipe and then mount under the cabinet with a couple of 16mm screws. Now insert your drill/driver and it's ready and waiting when you are. 



3. Plastic Food Containers

There are a variety of foods that come in plastic, see-through containers, and these are great for using as storage containers for the workshop.

Use a sharp craft knife to cut some of the containers in half to make handy hold-alls for screws that you use on a regular basis. It's easy to screw the plastic lids to the side or bottom of a shelf in the workshop to keep your work space organised. 

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