Work at Home Whilst in Bed!

I received a big thank you from a reader who was incapacitated and had to work from her bed - and she made our Laptop Stand in order to work from home - whilst in bed!




Portable Laptop Stand

A reader recently sent through a big thank you, as she had to work from home since she was incapacitated by knee surgery. Being in good health but not able to move around, she made our Portable Laptop Stand shown above, and said that this made her life so much easier, as she was able to work from home with ease.



Having read her email, I thought it might be nice to re-share a few projects that you can put to good use if you need to spend time off your feet and need to set up a home office in your bed!








Pine Laptop Tray

Another quick and easy laptop stand that I myself use on a regular basis is our Laptop Tray. The pine laptop tray is very easy to make and you can complete in a couple of hours.





When I need to work in the evenings to catch up, I regularly make use of my laptop tray. This project was originally made for my son, who was completing his studies, but I made a couple for myself as well and they have come in very handy.





Plywood Laptop Stand

Similar in design to the Portable Laptop Stand shown above, this plywood stand is made using plywood and has biscuit joints. So for those of you who don't have a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, you can make this using a Biscuit Joiner, or use your router and fit a biscuit slot cutter.





Quick and easy to make, plus it has a very sturdy design, this version doesn't have castor wheels fitted so that it can be used in a situation where there is very little room, especially under a bed when you need to work from home.








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