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Why you should use Nylon Wall plugs

If you don't want your fittings falling off the wall - only use nylon wall plugs to mount.


On Thursday evening, Ally Moir (our Durban DIY-Divas) and I were guests on Lotus FM. One topic that came up during the discussion was how to install curtain rails, rods and poles without them falling out later on. The main reason why curtain hardware can be loose when fitting is the fact that you didn't use nylon wall plugs, but rather the plastic ones that came with the fittings.





In my personal opinion, plastic wall plugs are useless and should not be used to fasten anything onto a wall. It is a well known fact that when plastic heats up, even only a little bit, it becomes soft and pliable. Nylon, on the other hand, requires a lot of heat. For that single reason alone, you should be using nylon wall plugs for all your wall-mounted fittings and fixtures.

Whatever screw you are using, you need to either screw or hammer it into the wall plug. This process on its own creates heat by friction, creating enough heat to warm up the plastic wall plug increasing the possibility of failure.







Patented nylon strength

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