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Why Pocket-Hole Joints Are So Strong

What makes pocket-holes joins so strong is all due to the drilling position and using the correct screws.




Kreg pocket-hole joinery has taken the world by storm, mainly because pocket-hole joinery is easy, affordable and creates strong, permanent joints with 100% accuracy. With a pocket-hole jig you can easily repair furniture or make strong and sturdy furniture.

The Kreg pocket-hole system is said to be the most strongest, accurate and professional system available today; it's quick, simple and does not need any gluing. There is a huge selection of Kreg jigs and jig systems available, from entry level to professional. Kreg jigs include the 320, 310, K3, K4, K5. Mini, HD, Deck, and the flagship Foreman machine, plus a comprehensive range of useful equipment and accessories.







In just minutes, you have created an incredibly strong and accurate joint like that of any professional. Pocket-hole joints are quick to make and are built to last, making it easier than ever to create your own wood projects - from furniture to shelves to home décor and more.




Above is a cutaway view of the pocket-hole being drilled. At the base of the pocket, there’s a flat ledge that the head of the screw will sit on. The pilot hole continues almost - but not all the way - to the end and it stops short for good reason; to prevent any blow-out of wood fibres that would normally occur as the drill bit exits the material to ensure nothing interferes with joining two mating pieces.


What makes these unique Kreg pocket-hole joins so strong is due to the drilling position through the various jigs. These are designed and created to have the pocket-holes at the exact right angle for the ultimate strength. accurately locking it in position.







The easy instructions supplied with every Kreg pocket-hole jig give you all the step-by-step information you need on how to go about sizing up your timber or board that needs to be joined, setting the drill bit depth, as well as the size of the Kreg screws to use. This procedure insures all the angles are 100% correct and that the holes drilled are to the exact depth.



Did you know that it is the Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw that pulls it all together; as you drive the screw in, the pocket and pilot hole guide the screw precisely, while the self-tapping screws drills its own hole into the mating piece. That means you don’t have to drill into both pieces, and you’ll get strength without splitting the wood.









“Every DIYer, homeowner, woodworker and all-round tradesmen in the service industry should have a selection of Kreg jigs and equipment,” said Greg de Villiers Kreg brand manager and tool guru at Vermont Sales. They should at least have some basic jigs for mending and repairs the more active DIYer or enthusiast should have it all, said de Villiers.

Kreg is a major international brand at Vermont Sales and is available at leading outlets countrywide. For more information talk to your local retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site




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