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Which is Better... Q20 or WD-40?

Mention Q20 to someone from the USA and they won't know what you are talking about, but for fellow South Africans, which is better... Q20 or WD-40.




Bet you didn't know that Q20 Lubricant was invented in South Africa? A gentleman by the name of Robertson invented Q20 way back when TV was black and white and when you picked up a telephone the operator answered 'nomer asseblief'. Unless you are of a certain age group, you are not going to understand how far back this was, but needless to say, everyone knows the name Q20 today.








Why was Q20 invented?

The answer as to why Q20 came into being relates to the original Volkswagen Beetle. This motor car was well known for its reputation to stall in wet weather. Robertson tried out his invention by applying Q20 on the distributor cap of a Volkswagen Beetle in an attempt to solve the problem and, lo and behold, it did. Q20, like many other lubricants, acts as a water displacer. Because it is heavier than water and sinks to the bottom, Q20 effectively lubricates as it displaces water.

From this humble beginning, Q20 has gone on to become a leading brand that offers a diversified range of products covering rust prevention, lubrication, and so on.








Properties of Q20

Although we cannot tell you the ingredients that makeup Q20, we can tell you that it is silicone-free. This is important to know if you work in the automotive industry and especially a body-shop, or you do painting for a living. According to experts at Q20, a single micron of Q20 can wreak havoc when applying paint to motor vehicles.



Where to use Q20

Q20 might not have such an impressive list of over 1000 uses, but when you can already do so much with one can of Q20, do you really need all the rest? With an enhanced product range and a variety of in-a-can solutions, Q20 is ready to take on the world - go South Africa! As to which is better, Q20 or WD-40, there's no other way to find out than to try them out for yourself.

When it comes to being a leading brand for South Africa, there is plenty of ways to use Q20 in the home, the garden as well as industry as a whole. This is one product that protects and lubricates, stops rust in its tracks and displaces moisture.







Use it on any types of metal to protect from corrosion or rust, protect components on your motor vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle. and if that's not enough, you can even use it to remove tar from your car bodywork and tyre rims, remove corrosion in electric circuits, get chewing gum out of your carpets and oh so much more.

Discover the many practical uses for Q20 in your home, garden, office or factory.



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