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Sharpen Wood Chisels

When you use wood chisels on a regular basis, the blades soon become dull. The MultiSharp Wetstone Chisel Sharpener allows you to keep all your chisels sharp and ready for use.


If you need to keep chisels sharp, the Multi-Sharp Wetstone Chisel and Plane Blade Sharpener is a portable, water-cooled tool sharpener that produces sharp edges on chisels, plane blades and other tools. The integral water-cooling prevents loss of temper/hardness of the steel along the cutting edges.

Benefits of the MultiSharp Wetstone:

  • The blade fits any power drill.
  • Variable sharpening angles.
  • Unique water-cooling preserves steel temper at tool cutting edges.
  • Blade capacity: 10 – 60mm.
  • 25,30,35,40-degree sharpening angles for sharpening a wide range of  tools and blades.
  • Supplied with a leather finishing strop for razor-sharp edges.
  • Fitted with replaceable aluminium oxide grinding wheel - gives 50 chisel resharpenings (25mm width).

The video below shows how easy it is to use the MultiSharp Wetstone sharpening system.


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