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Quick Tip: Protect your furniture

Keep your pine and board furniture off the floor with clever use of Eureka Roofing Washers.


When making furniture for outdoors, bathrooms or laundry room, you want to make sure that any furniture does not come into contact with water. This is especially important for patio furniture, where furniture is left outdoors.

While you can design many pieces with legs or feet to lift the piece off the floor, there will be designs that will need an alternative solution to keep them off the floor. As an example, this small table would otherwise sit directly on the floor. With the additional of a couple of roofing washers the table is now raised slightly and no longer directly on the floor.

Simply by adding a couple of Eureka Roofing Washers using 16mm screws, the table legs are raised slightly and this eliminates the risk of water being absorbed through the end grain at the bottom of each leg. And you can attach roofing washers to almost any piece of furniture that needs to be raised - every so slightly - off the floor.

After adding Eureka Roofing Washers to the legs there is only a slightly visible lift - just enough to ensure your furniture is protected in the case of spills, splashes or downpours.


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