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Make Wall Repairs with Alcolin Foam Filla

After having roof repairs done, the wall underneath the IBR sheet required filling in.


I recently had roof repairs done and the workmen damaged the top of the wall under the IBR sheeting. There were large gaps where the masonry had broken away at the top of the wall. I also suspect that a pair of Indian Mynahs have been checking out the gaps as a suitable nesting spot!



For the wall repair, I am using Alcolin Foam Filla. This product is a moisture-curing, expanding polyurethane foam that fills up gaps and cracks in joints, along window and door frames, and is also excellent for filling gaps on exterior walls. Alcolin Foam Filla bonds to wood, concrete, metal and glass and is perfect for exterior repairs.






1. The surfaces must be clean and free of dirt and need to be moistened before application. Moisture is essential, as this ensures improved expansion and adhesion for accelerated curing of the polyurethane foam. I set my hosepipe on very fine spray to wet the surfaces.

2. Shake the can well for at least one minute and then screw the applicator on the top of the can.

GOOD TO KNOW: The can MUST be held upside down during use.



3. Inset the applicator into any gaps as deep as it will go. Since this is a double wall, I want the polyurethane foam to fill up any empty voids and insulate the spaces.

4. As you press the applicator, the foam expands very quickly and continues to expand for a few minutes afterwards.

GOOD TO KNOW: Once the product is cured, you can use a sharp knife or serrated knife to cut away any excess foam and sand any remaining foam smooth. You can also paint over this product once fully cured.



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