Make your own Stylish Wall Clocks

Nowadays, it's so easy to make your own wall clocks using a variety of materials, whether it's wood, concrete or steel.

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This morning I was doing my usual rounds of visiting various stores to see what's on offer. One item that popped up was wall clocks. All the clocks I saw while browsing were cheap plastic or not very attractive - and waaay overpriced. It struck me that this is a business waiting to be discovered, since I couldn't find anything like this already out there.

Making wall clocks is an easy way to bring in a buck or two, and there are so many different ideas for DIY wall clocks using a variety of materials. So, whether you are looking for a unique wall clock for your home, or to make wall clocks as a hobby, here are some great ideas to inspire you...

Steel & Wood

Combine steel and wood to make a comtemporary design wall clock to hang on a wall in a home. If you are unable to source a steel ring you could easily substitute this with a cake tin or something similar. Or get friendly with someone who does steel work and could make up steel rings for you. - 355854808054179580/ - 677017756462862751/ - 110971578287678091/ - 498351515010188302/

Concrete & Wood

Concrete has become a very popular material to use for home decor projects and furniture, and you can quite easily cast a circular block to fit inside a wooden frame. Or perhaps you already have an item that you can use for the frame for your DIY wall clock. - 58124651419256391/ - 725783296172390899/ - 8796161748755760/


Plywood is one of the most inexpensive board products that you can buy and it can be purchased at any Builders Warehouse. If you prefer something a little more classy, think about spending a bit more to buy a Birch or Maple veneered plywood and then make clocks for family and friends as well, or to sell for a bit of extra cash. - 418764465322085667/

Wood Slices

Cutting your own wood slices from small or medium branches is a great way to create unique wall clock designs. You can also get acquainted with a local tree feller that would be willing to sell you slices of felled trees to make 'live' edge wall clocks like the one shown below. - 780952391610040235/ - 406590672594480889/

Wood Planks or Laminated

Using wood of any species, but particularly pine or meranti, is easy to work with. These two woods are also very easy to source and pine is the most affordable of the two. However, if you are looking to go into business and make your own wall clocks, you could look at using woods such as oak, teak or exotic species. While these may cost more, you can also charge a little more. - 596656650612288194/ - 306174474650353375/



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