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Use A Spray Paint Gun For All Your Painting Projects

Using a paint spray gun for all your painting projects ensures a successful job every time and provides a professional-looking finish that is hard to beat.





For all those who know me, you will know that I use a paint sprayer for all my painting projects and especially when I am painting furniture or accessory projects. There's just something about achieving a flawless finish that you just can't get when you use a paintbrush, and when you are putting the finishing touches to a project that is perfectly assembled, well, there's nothing that beats a spray finish.

This article is not about the brand of spray gun I use for projects, it's more about what works best for me over the years and how it can transform a project from a "Did you make that?" to a "Where did you buy that?"  I don't want all my projects to look handmade, I want them to look like something I purchased or one-of-a-kind and for that, you need a perfect finish.








Make large painting jobs less time consuming

For some projects, particularly when the projects are larger or have more detail, using a spray painting system requires far less effort than it would if you were using a paintbrush. Say, for example, you need to paint a garden shed, Wendy house or a garden fence, using a spray painting system is far less labour intensive. Simply fill up the paint container, set the spray gun at the right setting, and off you go. Sprayed paint gets into all the cracks and crevices that a paintbrush or paint roller won't and make the job so much easier.


Take the strain out of tricky painting jobs

There are more than a few projects you will likely put off as long as possible, simply because they take so much time. Using a spray painting system for these projects means less time spent painting, which is great if you don't have too much free time and need to get the job done as quickly as possible.







Using a spray painting system lets you paint detailed areas without hassle. The fine spray lets you easily cover areas that would be otherwise difficult with a paintbrush or paint roller.



You can use most paint spraying systems with acrylic paints, water- or oil-based paints but do check that the model you purchase has the settings or nozzles you need if you want to use more than one type of paint.



My tip for using a spray painting system

Not just limited to your DIY or woodwork projects, you can use a paint spraying system on most surfaces including brick or stone walls, concrete, wood and board products. In fact, I use mine all the time when making projects with SupaWood {MDF} and generally apply custom tinted Plascon Polvin to finished pieces before applying 2 to 3 coats of clear acrylic sealer over the top. Why do I use Plascon Polvin? The reason I use Plascon Polvin is that it is a matt paint that allows for easy sanding between coats and before I apply the sealer coat. If you want a perfect finish, there will be some sanding between coats to achieve a flawless coating.







When using Plascon Polvin, I generally mix the paint with 80% paint - 20% water and mix well. You will generally come to know when the mix is diluted enough by testing the spray on a piece of cardboard. If the spray spatters then the paint is too thick. Rather start with a thickish paint and dilute until you can see that it sprays smoothly.



Convenience for painting projects



A spray painting system gives you convenience no matter what painting project you are going. The easily removable paint pot is filled and attached and ready to go so that all you need to do is select the right setting for the painting task. 



Get started with spray painting your projects

I have been using the Bosch PFS 2000 since its launch about 4 years ago, and the original Bosch PFS system before that. At a cost of around R1400 at Builders stores, investing in a spray painting system will take your projects to the next level.








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