How To Build DIY TV Lift With Rotation

In this article we would like to tell you about how to build progressive TV lifts yourself.

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Linear actuators play a significant role in the overall technology improvement, and TV lifts with rotation are one of such innovations you can enjoy at home. So, today, we would like to tell you about how to build progressive TV lifts yourself.


Building Progressive TV Lifts: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Let’s imagine this. Having entered your living room, you see a large black screen on the wall. Don’t you get annoyed by it? Wouldn’t you like to hide your TV with TV lifts? Haven’t you thought about buying an innovational shelf that automatically hides the TV screen?

If all of your answers are positive, you have come to the right place. We are going to guide you through the peculiarities of building a TV lift with rotation with progressive TV lifts.

No doubts, it is quite easy to buy it at a store or online. However, such products’ prices are huge. You’d need to spend over a thousand dollars to get a needed custom rotating TV shelf.

Meanwhile, building a TV lift yourself is cheaper. It requires some enthusiasm, time and engineering skills and knowledge. But fortunately, it is worth it.

Take into account the following points:

• Safety Issues

If you are a newcomer up here, pay extra attention to this. Make sure your TV lift with rotation does not threaten the people’s safety and health. Pick the right place in the room and keep in mind all the responsibility.

• Remote Control

You build a progressive TV lift for your comfort. This is why a remote control is required. Conduct a research on TV remote controls to understand which one you need and where you can get it.

• Low Maintenance Mechanisms

Choose only high-quality materials and read their instructions carefully. Pay attention to linear actuators to avoid maintenance complications in future. Nowadays, most linear actuators are maintenance free. Still, you need to be sure about what you apply to the mechanism.



5 Steps to the Expected Result

The process gets more complicated when it comes to the rotation features. Here, we’re going to describe the simplest way to build progressive TV lifts.

What do you need to build a TV lift?

◊ Linear actuator;
◊ Gas spring;
◊ Mounting brackets;
◊ Power supply.

Those materials cost around $200-$500 depending on the distributors.

The very first step is thorough planning. Decide what exactly you would like to get and make a blueprint for your future TV lift. Should it flip down from the ceiling and rotate towards the viewers? Ask yourself such questions.


1. Construct the Box

The goal is to hide the TV. Decide where you would like to hide it, and construct the box either inside the ceiling on in the wall to get the desired result.


2. Build the Frame

According to the blueprint you have drawn, construct the frame where the TV will be mounted. Attach the actuator to the bracket. Keep in mind that the actuator is responsible for all the movements. In this case, the actuator will make rotational 360 degrees movements.


3. Attach the Gas Spring

The closer the TV is to the pivot point, the harder it is to move it. So, the gas spring assists with pulling.


4. Add the Remote Control

The remote control will operate both the linear actuator and the power supply to make the mechanism move. As an alternative, you can also install the switch right next to the TV box.


5. Test It All

Before mounting the TV to this frame, test it thoroughly. Make sure that everything works seamlessly and well. Modify it if needed and fix potential issues.


Build a DIY TV Lift with Progressive Automations

Choosing the right linear actuator is your first step to the successful result. Upgrade your engineering skills and save your money with Progressive Automations!