Quick Tip: Filling screw holes with wood filler

If you have ever filled a screw hole with wood filler, and especially in SupaWood / MDF,  you will know that the wood filler cracks or even falls out. Here's a quick tip to ensure holes stay filled and prevent cracks.






SupaWood / MDF is an extremely absorbent board product, and for this reason it causes wood filler to dry too quickly and shrink. If you can prevent this from happening you reduce the incidence of cracks. Additionally, you also have to bear in mind that wood filler isn't formulated to stick to screw heads. 





Simply by applying a thin layer of Pattex No More Nails adhesive over the screw heads and around the holes, you solve both problems in one go. The adhesive covers the screw head and seals the surrounding board, allowing the wood filler to adhere and prevents the filler from drying out too quickly.