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DIY Tip: Keep Dremel Accessories Organised

Here's a great way to keep all your mini-tool or Dremel rotary tools accessories organised and easy to find.




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I love my rotary tool and I'm always finding new ways to use it for crafts and hobbies and small jobs in and around the home. I've got a Dremel multitool and a Tork Craft mini-rotary tool and more than a few accessories for both. Trying to keep all the accessories organised and easy to find is far easier with this quick and easy storage solution for all your rotary tool accessories.



Air-tight plastic storage container

Piece of polystyrene - recycle packing from an old box

Craft or utility knife









Nothing could be simpler. Simply cut a piece of polystyrene to fit into the plastic storage container and press your multitool or rotary tool accessories into the polystyrene.

If you have a fairly deep storage container, you can always add another layer of polystyrene if you have lots of accessories.



Finding the right accessories for the Dremel multitool range can be a mission. Not everyone stocks the full range of grinding, sanding and cutting disks. I have discovered that the Tork Craft mini-rotary tool has a wide selection of accessories that can also be used with the Dremel multitool - and they are far less expensive and just as good. Some of the Tork Craft mini-rotary tool accessories are even better than the Dremel ones!



When you first buy a rotary tool, most of them come with a limited selection of accessories. But if you want to do more with your rotary tool, you will need to invest in a few more essential accessories. I think it works out cheaper to purchase a full-on accessory kit and with Tork Craft accessories you will find that the cost of a decent selection of rotary tool accessories is cheaper than buying just a couple of Dremel accessories.







The Tork Craft Mini Rotary Accessory Kit, as shown below, retails at around R1200 at Builders stores.



The Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool Accessory Kit, as shown below, generally retails for just over R200 and includes the diamond carving bit that I find so useful for so many craft and crafty DIY projects.



A more comprehensive Tork Craft mini rotary tool accessory kit, as shown below, retails at just over R450 at Makro.




I have both a Tork Craft and Dremel multitool and both work well for a variety of craft and crafty DIY projects. I have had the Tork Craft model for about 6 years and have used it at my DIY-Divas Dremel Workshops and for projects around the home. At a cost of R560 at Builders, it is definitely worth it if you enjoy crafts and hobbies.






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