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ProLong Timber-Fill

I have just discovered an alternative to wood filler, and it works far better at filling holes and gaps - ProLong Timber-Fill.


During a recent shopping trip to my local Builders Warehouse in Strubens Valley, I discovered ProLong Timber-Fill. The label claims that it's tough, flexible and suitable for interior and exterior use. Up to now I've been using Alcolin wood filler and I decided to give this new product a try and was very impressed with the results.

Timber-Fill is a ready mixed interior and exterior wood filler that dries into a tough flexible and weather-resistant finish. The product is suitable for filling work on DIY projects, wooden doors and window frames, as well as skirting boards and timber garden furniture. Easy to apply, Timber-Fill sands to a smooth-as-glass finish, and may be left untreated, stained, varnished or painted.





What I really enjoy most about Timber-Fill is that it has excellent adhesion to steel, concrete and wood, which means I can apply to holes to cover (steel) screw heads without worry about it shrinking or cracking.



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