Easy DIY standing shelf

Follow this step-by-step to make a handy standing shelf that you can  use as a coffee table for the living room, nightstand in the bedroom or practical shelf.


Buy or make a basic cube and add legs to make a handy standing shelf that is perfect for bathroom storage, as a nightstand, or as a storage table in any room. Use laminated pine shelving 305mm wide to make the basic cube - find this at your local Builders.

1. Cut two strips of 22 x 44mm wide pine to fit under the table. At the front and back of each strip use a MAD or spade bit that is the same diameter as the dowel legs to drill holes right through the wood. Centre the holes for perfect alignment.

GOOD TO KNOW: Place a scrap piece of wood below the piece to be drilled and securely clamp the pieces to your workbench.

2. Drill countersunk pilot holes for mounting the strips underneath the basic cube.

3. Sand the box and strips before securing these together with screws.

4. Attach the strips to the base of the box with 40mm screws and wood glue. 

5. Measure and cut 25mm diameter dowels to length. Pop some wood glue into the drilled holes and then push in the dowels. Secure with a 40mm screw through the side of the plank.

6. Mask off any areas not to be painted and then spray on a couple of coats of acrylic PVA in white or your choice of paint colour with a Bosch PFS spray system.